So, Maria Menounos has dropped from 160 to 120 and has written a book about how she did it!  Here are her tips from "The Everygirl's Guide to Diet and Fitness"...

-Drink hot water.  It aids digestion.

-Always be moving.  Exercise doesn't just come with a trainer or gym membership.  Incorporate small, cumulative activity throughout the day.  Park as far away from where you're going as possible. Get an electronic wristband which counts your steps.

-The 75/25 plan.  Aim to eat the right stuff 75% of the time...fruits, veggies, chicken, legumes, nuts.  The other 25%, you've got room to play.  Maria loves nachos and beer.

Don't attempt a 180.  Ease out of old habits and into new ones slowly and realistically for maximum staying power.

-Plan ahead.  Take pictures of the exercises you like so you won't have to lug a book around.

-Set reminders.  Keep workout clothes and a bag in your car and by your bed.  If

you see them, it reminds you to do it.  No one ever regrets working out and says, "I wish I hadn't done that run/workout/hike/swim."

-Sunday is "Prep Day."  Make meals for the week on Sunday that you can keep at work.  Always keep almonds, apples or bananas with you, in your purse or car.

-Keep a food journal.

-Ban dieting.  Don't "diet" and don't use the word "diet.'


-Set a curfew.  Don't eat after 7pm.  Put a note on the fridge.

Now go, do it!  DaveT