Thee hot new movie has Tom Cruise fighting and dying, then fighting and dying, then fighting and dying, over and over (He's catching on.) in Edge of Tomorrow in 3D and at the Imax Theater.  Killer special effects!

The Bryan Vickers Band makes the music Friday night at ApCal in Madera, where it's the Original KISS Army on Saturday.  Careful!  They mean it!

51 Aces (a personal favorite) heats it up Friday night at Jimbo's in Clovis.

The Pirates of Penzance is now playing at Roger Rocka's Dinner Theater.


You might want to check out all the best in interesting architecture, impressive art and delicious things to eat at Tower Art Taste.  They meet outside the the Tower Theater, Friday evening at 6 and Saturday morning at 11.

Have a great weekend!  DaveT