3 Doors Down plays Table Mountain Friday night.  Good group!

Here's a fun cover combo...Stealing Nicks and Petty Theft, Saturday night at ApCal Vineyard in Madera.

Pirates of Penzance plays Roger Rocka's Dinner Theater these days.

Saturday morning, you get to swim, bike and then run in the 4th Annual Bass Lake Classic Triathlon.  Then, there's a BBQ! Yes!

And, your Fresno Grizzlies play Sacramento Saturday night and Sunday afternoon!

But wait! THERE'S CORN!  ALWAYS MORE CORN! Fresno State corn is ready and delicious at the corner of Chestnut and Barstow.  3 ears for 99 cents.  White, yellow and soon an organic multicolor blend.  Yum!

Go have your BEST WEEKEND EVER! DaveT