RunPee!  There, I said it!  It's an App and it's BRILLIANT!

You know when you're in your seat at the movies...popcorn, drink and candies in hand and you're serious into the action but then that 44 ounce Coke catches up to you and you've got to run to the bathroom and, well, pee?  That's where the App, RunPee comes in.  It's customized to each movie, even a brand new one, and it tells you exactly when to "go."

For example, we went to the new Tom Cruise movie, "Edge of Tomorrow" over the weekend and a quick check of "RunPee" told me that there were 4 suggested Pee times.  

-25 minutes in when Cruise is rebooted for the first time.

-47 minutes in when Emily Blunt says, "I think we better start over, don't you?"

-1 hour 1 minute in. Emily says, "You don't talk much."

-1 hour 22 minutes in. Cruise says "It's in Paris."

This App is so good it recommends which Pee time is best (3) and tells you how long you have to go (4 minutes).  

But wait, it gets even better.  You don't want to bother others when your stupid phone goes off right in the good part.  IT DOESN'T!  What it does is, it silently vibrates at each Pee time.


It even synopsizes what happens while you're away and in the can.  BRILLIANT!

And...RunPee is Free!  (Hurry...only one minute left.)  DaveT