Sure, we're here to get you all set up for the new day.  Dave and Teri Ann kickin' you in the keister each morning from 5 to 10.  But, you've gotta help by not making these 5 mistakes...

1. Don't hit the ground running.  Before jumping into the shower, try hugging your knees to your chest (one at a time and then together).  Take your time.  This will not only help to warm up your muscles, but it will get your blood flowing throughout your body so you'll feel more stable when you rise and shine.

2. Don't do it in the dark (wake up...that is!).  Open the shades all the way as soon as you pop out of bed.

3. Don't hold off on your treat until afternoon.  Splurge on that latte on the way to the office, or take a few minutes to call your sister, mom, BFF.  Catch a quick 20-30 minutes of Dave and Teri Ann on Softrock989 (Smiles and Tunes aplenty).  Anything to perk up before the day really gets going.

4. No snoozing.  Seriously.  Get rid of the snooze function idea regarding your alarm clock.  Experts say sleeping in and dozing intermittently throws your body off schedule and will make it harder to fall asleep at night.  This was sooo hard for me to learn.  Used to hit the snooze 2-3 times but realized that it was better to just to get up, feel the burn all at once

and go with it.  Really!  JUST DO IT!


5. Don't exercise right after waking up but eat instead.  A handful of dry cereal or half a banana on your way out the door is just fine (and a glass of water, of course, since that last time you drank anything was probably 7-8 hours ago).

Now, go make something of yourself!  DaveT