Yup!  Time for spring cleaning.  But this is not your garage we're talking about.  Nope!  We're talking spring cleaning for your insides.  According to the experts, these are the menu items that can clean you up, detoxify, even help prevent cancer...

Artichokes.  They can detoxify the liver and colon.  Plus, they're rich in cynarin, a compound that stimulates both the liver and the gall bladder.

Rosemary.  We planted a rosemary sprig where I used to live.  Next time we look, it's 10 by 20 feet.  Amazing!  And the whole yard smelled like a roast when you were downwind.  Rosemary can detoxify.  Use it.

Beets.   Took a poll on the show this morning.  Between the 2 of us and our spouses, only Teri Ann's husband can deal with the lowly beet.  But, it turns out Craig is right.  The beet is linked to good liver function AND detox. 

There's onions.  In either white, yellow or red, these things are great at detox and, down the road, they can lend themselves to the good fight against cancer.


You could enjoy some dandelion greens.  Full of the antioxidants, vitamins A and C, they can aid in digestion.  Too bad THEY'RE DANDELION GREENS.  Tough to swallow.


Chase all these things with copious amounts of water.  And if you're the one that always shows up at work with bags of lemons.  Keep some, slice 'em and add them to the water glass.  They'll make plain old water more interesting. 

Eat healthy and SPRING CLEAN YOURSELF!  DaveT