Got a high school reunion coming up?  Wonder what happened to those kids who sat at the "cool" table in the cafeteria?  Now there's a study about that. 

Turns out that if you were on the outside looking in going into high school, that may be a GOOD thing.

New research says kids who exhibit so-called "cool" behaviors may be popular in their tween and teen years, but are more likely to have problems with drugs and alcohol and even engage in serious criminal behavior by their early 20s.  

Seems that those who reach a certain level of popularity early on have to take on more extreme behaviors in order to STAY cool.  Those same "kids" now may be struggling to make friends by age 22.  

So, checking that updated score now...Nerds 1, Cool Kids 0.  Join the conversation this morning as we compare high school reunion stories to see if there's any truth in all this.  Plus, what happens to "cool" in our 30s, 40s and beyond? 

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Better to be "cool" NOW, anyway!  DaveT