Uh-oh!  Could it be that it's time to hit "Delete" on that relationship and move on?

When you're feeling, "It's not you, it's me." but "It's really YOU," maybe it 's time for a change.  And when there is a breakup, there are expectations, and then, there is reality.  Read on...

Expectation: It'll happen at home...in person.

Reality: It'll happen via a text while you're at the grocery store.

Expectation: Seeing how upset you've made each other will make you realize how much in love you are.

Reality: You'll get freaked out by all the crying.

Expectation: You'll spend the first post-breakup evening making yourself look as awesome as possible and rebound with a member of Kings of Leon!

Reality: You'll spend the evening in bed, watching "Sex in the City" and dropping caramel popcorn all over yourself.

Expectation: Your friends will give you as much time as you need to get over him.

Reality: After a brief grace period, your friends will start getting annoyed about how self-centered you've become.

Expectation: Within one month, he'll become nothing more than a sniveling, unattractive shell of himself.

Reality: Within one month, he'll lose 10 pounds and get a tan (jerk).

Expectation: You lose half your friends because they were HIS friends too.


So there!  DaveT