All you gotta do is Post-It!  Came across this little ditty which demonstrates how quick and easy it can be to be happy, confident and successful.

Just 5 Post-It notes a day can do the trick!

1. Happiness.  Tonight, write down 3 things which went well today and WHY they went well.  Writing about why positive events in your life happened may seem a little awkward at first, but stick with it for a week.  It gets easier.  Odds are you'll be less depressed, happier and addicted to this exercise 6 months from now.  Try it.

2. Confidence.  Make a note of a couple of accomplishments you're most proud of.  Look at your resume.  Reviewing your credentials can remind you how talented you are and boost your confidence level.  Your resume is designed to make you sound impressive to others.  It can have the same effect on you.

3. Optimism.  Looking forward to something is powerful.  It makes us hopeful, happier and optimistic.  Got nothing you're looking forward to?  No problem.  Make some fun plans and then write THOSE down.

4. Meaning in life.  Write down a favorite memory that makes you feel good.  When life doesn't make sense, get lost in a memory for a while.  Nostalgia restores a sense of purpose when times are hard.


5. Success.

Write down the name of a hero you admire.  When we stare at someone we want to become and we have a really clear idea of where we want to be, it unlocks a tremendous amount of energy.  "Look, they did it."  It sounds very basic, but spending time staring at the best can be one of the most positive things you do.  Did you have a superhero hero poster on the wall when you were a kid?  Maybe you were on to something!