1. Take a 15-minute time out.  When it all starts to get to you, give yourself a 15-minute break.  Take a nature hike, read a book, lie in the sun, get a pedi...whatever helps you relax.

2. JUST SAY "NO!"  Don't overcommit.  Stop putting the needs of others in front of your own.  Think of one thing you don't want to do.  Say "No!"

3. Cultivate leisure and play time.  Study says, working women have about 30 hours of leisure per week.  That's it.  Even then, most women are spending time thinking of what they need to do next on their to-do list.  Instead, try to block off a bigger chunk of "me" time just for you. Escape to someplace quiet.

4. Be patient with yourself.  It takes time to change these patterns.  If after years of never taking a break, you actually take a 5-minute break, applaud yourself for doing it.  Next, shoot for 15 minutes.

5. Treat yourself.  Find a way to do something for yourself once a week.  It could be as simple as making a nice cup of tea or buying yourself flowers.

6. Connect and share.  Experts say that self-compassion includes a sense of our common humanity, that we are not struggling alone and others have had difficult experiences.  Find someone and open up to them about your struggles.


7. Use an affirmation to change your inner script from "I'm selfish," to "I deserve this."  The subconscious mind likes rhymes.  A great affirmation to use is, "I am taking care of me, guilt free."

Have a nice day.  DaveT