Happy where you work?  Make enough dough?  Here's a few new numbers from the US Labor Department to let you know where you figure in all this...

Anesthesiologists make the highest average U. S. salary...a whopping $235,070.  Interestingly, they make about 2 grand more than the surgeon they're working for...$233,150.

The average orthodontist grosses $196,270 while the average CEO only pockets $178,400.  (And the ortho does the CEO's kids' teeth!)

This one's just weird.  The average animal caretaker makes $22,510 a year.  That's about a grand more than the average CHILDcare worker at $21,490.  I mean we love our puppies and kitties but REALLY people.  These are LITTLE PEOPLE we're talking about.

The job with the lowest average hourly pay is a fast-food cook...$9.07.  Lucky we're talking about bumping up that minimum wage.  The other 2 lowest wage earners...fast-food server and shampooer. 

And...your final "food for thought" and a good reason for you to talk your kid into shooting some hoops RIGHT NOW.  The median pay for an athlete is $39,050, which is less than the Miami Heat pays LeBron James to play basketball...FOR A SINGLE QUARTER OF A SINGLE GAME!

Sure hope your kid can dunk!  DaveT