With Memorial Day fresh in our minds, how about some job hunting tips for those of you returning from duty?

Lauren Lipsky, a career counselor with New York University, says, "The military brings a lot of great skill sets to various positions in the civilian sector.  Anyone that served has leadership skills. You are innately a leader or develop into a leader."  Here are her recommendations:

-Do your homework.  Be able to answer questions such as, "What do you know about this department?" and "What do you know about the company?"  Before the interview, figure out the company's dress code and wear an outfit one step more formal.

-Watch your mouth.  Active military members tend to use a lot of "jargon."  Get out of that habit.  Practice by doing a mock interview with a friend who's not in the military and have them stop you if you slip into it.

-Play up your obvious strengths.  Practice explaining how the skills you learned during your service directly relate to the position for which you're interviewing.  Emphasize your work ethic, leadership, responsibility and management skills. 

-Follow through with your follow-up.  You already know how to do an after-action review from your military training.  Apply the same process to your interviews.  After each meeting, reflect on what portions you nailed and on what parts you can improve.  Then, send a quick email to the interviewer and mail a handwritten note to cover your bases.

Happy hunting.  DaveT