4 Harvard mathematicians got together and created a "compatibility algorithm" for the perfect relationship.  They claim that with 3 simple questions, you can find your perfect mate.  Hey, THEY'RE HARVARD MATHEMATICIANS!  Who better to plan the first day of the rest of your life?

So, when they put all the data in, out popped these 3 question...

"Do you like horror movies?"

"Have you ever travelled around another country alone?"


"Wouldn't it be fun to chuck it all and go live on a sailboat?"

They claim that should you both respond identically to those 3 questions, you and you-know-who are good to go!

A few other notes...

When searching for that ideal mate, lose the bad spelling and grammar.  (Big turn-off)

Buzzwords such as "awesome" and "fascinating" prove much more popular than physical compliments like "sexy" and "beautiful."

The best pose for guys is "mysterious and sexy," looking off camera and NOT smiling.

For women, holding the camera over your head and looking coy and flirty gets more hits.

One final question a guy should always ask is if his date likes the taste of beer.  If she says "yes," she's 30% more likely to say "yes" on the first date than the woman who says "no."  DaveT