Time to start making those summer vacation plans, but travel is so expensive these days.  Wouldn't it be great if Dave and Teri Ann stepped in with 9 ways TO GET PAID to travel the world? 

Let's do it!

1. Be a travel guide.  Takes some studying and you might have to know a few languages, but it'll allow you to explore some amazing places AND get paid to do it.

2. Try organic farming.  The World Wide Opportunity for Organic Farming places people on organic farms all over the world.  You work in exchange for housing and home-cooked meals.  You could do worse.

3. English teacher. You see it all the time on "House Hunters International."  And foreign families don't want their kids to speak their native tongue in your classroom.  Just English.  You could do that.

4. Flight attendant.  You work 2 weeks a month and get to go EVERYWHERE.  Where do I sign up?

5. Cruise employee.  Pay...bad.  Adventure...big, very big!

6. Au pair.  Basically, you're a nanny, and most parents want you to exclusively speak English so their kids are forced to learn it.

7. Destination wedding photographer.  It's competitive but good photographers can clear $10,000 plus air and room.  Better catch that shot!

8. Peace Corps.  If you're the altruistic type and don't mind being away from everything for 27 months, we've never known anyone who didn't find this enriching.


9. Literary travel author.  It worked for Hemingway!

Happy trails!  DaveT