Remember when a phone was just a phone?  That was before Steve Jobs and his fellow braniacs under the Apple logo banged their coconuts together. 

Just look what your iPhone can do... (P.S. If you're a Droid phone owner, move along, nothing to see here.  When we come across a "9 Amazing Droid Things" list, we promise to populate this space with it.)

Meanwhile, back at our "9 Amazing iPhone Things"...

-Siri can read your emails out loud.  Just say, "Read my email" and she's off and running.  Soon she'll be able to make me an omelette or mow the lawn...

-See which planes are overhead.  This is so cool.  Just say "Planes overhead" and Siri will provide a list of carriers, their altitude and at how many degrees off from you that they are.  Cool! 

-Shake your phone to delete text.  It'll give you the option to Redo or cancel "your shake."

-See a more detailed view of your calendar.  Turn your phone to horizontal and your calendar goes into a full week view.

-Use your phone to hang a picture.  Go to your compass feature and swipe left.  Boom!  It's a level!

-Take a burst of photos all at once.  Hold down the shutter button and bbbbbbbbbboom! 10 pictures all at once!

-Take a photo with your Up Volume button...Easier to reach and more steady for selfies.

-Put your phone in Airplane Mode and IT CHARGES TWICE AS FAST!

And, most fun of all...

-Add CUSTOM VIBRATIONS.  In your Contacts app, you can set a different vibration for each contact.  Whoo...just got some Good Vibrations!!!  Gotta go.  DaveT