You've gotta check out these iPhone Apps...

1. Amount.  Simple, beautiful.  Converts units of measurement.  Invaluable for foreign recipes, traveling and just all round feeling smart!

2. Around Me.  THEE most reliable App for finding a decent coffee shop, grocery store, pharmacy, gas station...WHATEVER, wherever you are at the moment.

3. Dark Sky.  A weather App that's actually helpful with up to the minute forecasts about what is actually about to happen at your precise location.  Brilliant!

4. Genius Scanner.  Let's you use your phone as a pretty decent scanner, including turning text documents you scan with your phone into PDF files you can later use on your computer.

5. Horizon.  Does it drive you crazy

when someone sends you a vertical video or when you forget and do one yourself?  This App forces every video horizontal no matter how you hold your phone.  Now we're onto something!

6. IFTTT.  This one allows you to use ALL of your social media accounts in total sync with one another. 


7. Fast Customer.  Do you hate waiting on hold for 30 minutes just to tell someone you want to change your cable channels?  This App will call any company for you, navigate the system, wait on hold and then call you when it's jumped through all those hoops.  Hooray!  You Fast Customer, you!  DaveT