Hey, we're getting into the summer season with lots of hot days and bored little crumb crunchers with "NOTHING TO DO, MOMMY, WAH WAH!" 

We don't want that, so here are of some of our favorite Apps for kids 4 to 7...

Drawnimal $1.99

Gets kids drawing on paper, while learning the alphabet.  Screens provide amimated faces that are placed on a sheet of paper, giving your kid a chance to draw on ears, legs, arms, bodies.  There's an animal for every letter of the alphabet!

Faces iMake $2.99

Highly acclaimed, Faces iMake is easy to use and develops creativity.  Kids get more than 200 images with which to make a face.  They can also import their own images.  Once finished, they can share their work of art!

DigitZ $.99

A Tetris-style math game that teaches arithmetic and problem solving skills.  Helps kids commit number combinations to long-term memory.

Feel Electric Free

Feel Electric is a fun App that teaches kids to express their emotions in an appropriate way.  Photos, videos, vocabulary games which teach language skills and facial expression.  A terrific free App.


Where's Waldo? Hollywood $.99

Features everyone's favorite hide-and-seek star lost deep inside 10 famous film sets.  Where's Waldo?  Zoom in on details, scroll through maps, touch key locations to reveal hidden items.  Where IS Waldo, anyway?