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Britney Spears says Congress could learn a thing or two by taking a listen to her new single. 

The star sent out a tweet on Wednesday, tweaking some of her lyrics in the song.  She wrote:

Politics aside, Britney's new video released on Tuesday seems to have put her right back in the good graces of the critics.  Among the media singing her praises is the "Daily Beast," who is calling the video "flawless" and "classic Britney."  

"The Hollywood Reporter" says that Britney is "up to her old tricks again," adding that the provocative new clip featuring her as an S&M type character is "a welcome return to form." 

The star has tweeted that she's "overwhelmed with all the love," and thanked the video director Ben Mor. 

Her still-untitled new album is set to drop on December 3rd. 

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