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(Yahoo!) - Justin Bieber’s London tour stop hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing.

The Canadian crooner, who was widely criticized for his “worst birthday” tantrum over the weekend, irritated his faithful fans and their parents Monday night by taking the stage nearly two hours late. But the 19-year-old is already doing damage control, insisting the story is being blown out of proportion though issuing an apology anyway.

The Biebs was scheduled to take the stage at London's O2 Arena at 8:30 p.m. on Monday. However, the young star didn’t hit the stage until 10:20. While typically Beliebers think the star can do no wrong, they grew impatient while waiting – and concert footage showed them booing from their seats.

According to BBC News, many parents were irritated as well because they arrived to pick up their children at the venue, where doors had opened at 6.30 p.m.,just as Bieber was finally taking the stage. Some insisted that their children leave before the show started – after all, it was a school night – forfeiting the price of the expensive tickets.

Bieber had excuses – as well as an apology – for his tardy arrival at the sold-out show.

“Last night i was scheduled after 3 opening acts to go on stage at 935 not 830 but because of some technical issues i got on at i was 40 min late to stage,” he tweeted Tuesday. “There is no excuse for that and I apologize for anyone we upset. However it was great show and Im proud of that."


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